Cocktail Catering

Mini Skewers

  • Mushrooms with garlic and black pepper
  • Spicy sausages with turmeric and chili esplette
  • Chicken and mushrooms with pomegranate sauce
  • Anchovies, olives and pickles
  • Peppers, olives and pickles
  • Beet and feta cheese with balsamic oregano
  • Mini shrimp on a bed of lettuce in a verrine
  • Shrimp and avocado
  • Bocconcini with mint and chili
  • Tomato and mozzarella
  • Watermelon and feta cheese cubes
  • Honeydew melon wrapped in prosciutto
  • Meatballs with tarragon and saffron curry and yogurt

The “Canapés”

  • Mini blinis with horseradish cream and caviar
  • Foie gras
  • Aubergines Provençales on mini baguette
  • Olivier salad on puff pastry crust
  • Tuna and mayonnaise
  • Carpaccio of tricolor bell peppers on baguette croutons
  • Beetroot and shallot yoghurt on puff pastry crust
  • Mashed broad beans and dill topped with prosciutto on mini baguette
  • Purée of peas topped with minced beef
  • Pâté de fêve with fresh mint

Small Bowls & Glasses

  • Wrap of prosciutto and asparagus in a glass
  • Roll of smoked salmon stuffed with goat cheese and dill
  • Rolled eggplant and tomato basilica
  • Mini pancake roll stuffed with meat, egg and parsley
  • Cherry tomatoes stuffed with olive and caper
  • Cherry tomato stuffed with olives and anchovies
  • Mini shrimp cocktail in bowl
  • Yoghurt and shallot dip
  • Dip of yoghurt with mint and cucumber sprinkled with grape and walnuts
  • Devilled eggs

The Mini Desserts

  • Mini macarons
  • Mini dessert verrine
  • Mini Persian pastries
  • Mini éclair
  • Mini choux
  • Mini opera
  • Mini tarte

Lunch/Breakfast Boxes

Formula 1

  • 1 choice of tartine
  • A bowl of fruit salad
  • 1 croissant
  • Butter and home-made jam

Formula 2

Formula 3

  • 1 choice of salad
    (small portion)
  • 1 soup of the day
  • 1 choice of dessert

Formula 4

  • 1 choice of salad
    (main dish portion)
  • Croutons
  • 1 choice of dessert

Formula 5


Breakfast Buffet

  • Basket of bread
  • Basket of Viennoiseries
  • Platter of home-made jam, feta cheese, butter, halva, cucumber, tomato and black olives
  • Platter of cold cuts such as ham, prosciutto and smoked turkey breast
  • Platter of fruits

Cold Buffet

1 choice of salad

1 choice of entrée

2 choices of sandwiches or mini pizzas or quiches

2 choice of desserts

Hot Buffet

2 choices of salad

2 choices of entrées

2 choices of hot main course

2 choices of desserts

Special “La Rouladerie”

2 choices of salads

5 choices of entrées

3 choices of hot main courses

3  choices of desserts


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