About Us

“La Rouladerie” is where rich and traditional Persian flavors meet outstanding artisanal French craftmanship to satisfy the gourmet palate. A passion for high-end indulgence gave way to this family-run shop.

Our Team

Jila Fahm

Owner & President

After studying Management and Interior Design and following years of experience in both fields, Jila decided to give her passion for art and design a new meaning by combining it with her old passion of designing and creating pastries. That is how La Rouladerie was formed, with a specialty in different flavorful roulades.

Foojan Jahanian

Financial Director

After finishing her studies in Applied Mathematics and Finance, and after gaining experience of the different aspects of financial management in manufacturing companies, Foojan decided to apply her expertise to her family business.

Udson Jérôme

Pastry Chef

Udson’s all time love and passion for pastries led him to study this field in Paris. After a decade of experience in artisanal pastry making, he decided to move to Canada and bring his expertise. His passion for new challenges and flavors has resulted in our unique and special pastries.