In our pastry courses you will discover the little secrets and simple but precise techniques that make french pastries an art.

The duration of the courses are 3 hours and are taught by our executive pastry chefs. They are held in small groups that allows our chef to give each student personal attention.

After each course a cup of Nespresso coffee will be served and you can taste all the pastries you made or you can take them  home.

Please find the schedule below and for any further information, please email us at

Pâte a choux

In this course you will make eclair, créme pâtissiére and St Honoré


Price: 80$

Upcoming dates

Tue May-19-2015 6pm-9pm


In this pastry course you will make three varieties of macarons.


Price: 80$

French Fraisier Cake

In this course you will make fraisier and strawberry tart.

Price: 80$

Upcoming date

Thu 2- June-21-2015 6pm-9pm